Adelaide Youth Orchestra

 Rehearsal Schedule for Saturday 17th November

09.30am – 12.30pm     Full Orchestra  Madley Rehearsal Space

Gala Concert Fanfare  - Sunday 18th November 2018 Adelaide Town Hall

10/10.15am              Arrival  and Sign in Banquet Room

10.30 - 11.15am       Rehearsal

2.15am                      Concert Call

3.00pm                      Concert

Please don’t forget to bring the following:

> your music

> your instrument

> spare reeds, strings and rosin

> Stool (double basses), cello boards/stops (cellists)

> personal water bottle NOT FOR USE ON STAGE

> lunch/snacks

Parents/Caregivers are able to purchase tickets for this performance via the link below:

Here is the link to order online the Gala Concert DVD – there will also be hard copy order forms available on Sunday. These can be taken away filled in and posted directly to SE Productions.

Running Late: Please let your Orchestra Supervisor Katrina and Greg Shephard 0417 820 077 know if you are running late, please text your orchestra supervisor at the number above with your first and last name and let them know when you will be arriving. In the case of an unexpected absence on the day of a rehearsal or concert, please let them know by phoning or texting and then please proceed to complete the online absentee form, so that we have a central record of your absence. Thank you!

Absences: Please advise of any known absences by filling out the online absentee form no later than 5pm on Friday. 

Sign-in/out: Musicians are required to sign-in upon arrival and sign-out at the end of rehearsals/Concerts.

Please bring anything relating to your instrument that you may need through the course of a rehearsal ie: spare reeds, spare strings, rosin etc. Please remember to bring all your music to every rehearsal and concert, even if you use your desk partner’s music, as we only have limited copies of spare music available.